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I just wanted to share something really quick that I thought was interesting, but I guess I'll start by telling a story (haha you know me, I can't help it...) So anyways, Once upon a time...

haha just kidding, no fairy tales here (: Anyways, back to the story. Usually, you can look at someone's bookshelf and learn a lot about them. For example, if you were to find...adventure book about sailors and pirates and things of that sort, well...you might conclude that they are one who indulges in such types of things. Then, let's say, if you were to look at another's shelf and find...murder mysteries, well, you could make your own assumptions thereof (not saying anything about that, of course, I myself used to be addicted to Agatha Christie :)). To be honest, if you were to look at my bookshelf, though, you might be a tad bit confused. I myself will admit that I have a quite odd selection of books...Yes, you'll find Twilight but right next to it you'll see...The Jungle Book (right after the MLA Handbook of course :P) I guess that part of this is because I've collected books over time and often each book has a back story to it, making them very disparate, but at the same time, it reflects me pretty well.

Anyhow, I was going through my bookshelf and found a book is completely hot pink, no kidding. And I've really never taken a look at it...I think that it was from a book exchanged at our school about five or six years ago and I happened to pick it up. Anyhow...it's an approximately twenty page book written by a girl named Ashley Rice (and titled Girls Rule.) Yes, go ahead, ask me why this book is sitting on my bookshelf and I honestly have no clue, but yesterday I picked it up anyways and read it, interested in what it was about. Despite the fact that the title is quite cliche and it was written by a child, I was surprised to find that there actually were some words with quite a lot of impact in it...[about bringing your aspirations and hopes for your future to life...dreaming big doesn't do any good unless you're willing to strive to achieve those dreams.]
pretty powerful words for a child, hm?

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