Ponderings of a Blogger

Okay, here goes:
Recently while I was pondering the many aspects of designing one's blog I realized that the main purpose of creating polls on the side bar is to survey one's blog readers. Well, honestly, viewing results of anonymous surveys in which you state your favorite singer or book doesn't tell me very much about the people who view my blog or read my posts. For all I know, someone who states that they indulge in Twilight may be a teenager obssessed with heavy metal music, skateboarding, and comic books. And someone who states their love for Lady Gaga might be a senior in their late 70s who truly has picked up nothing from this century and spends their time knitting. Yup. So, anyways, this is completely optional (not that I could make it mandatory) but it just would greatly amuse me to read your answers to the following questions. So, without a further ado...the survey:
1. If I asked you what a logarithm is, would you know?
2. You have a yellow highlighter, a pink glitter glue pen, and a two inch black sharpie. You are completing a formal essay or form. Which of the former do you use?
3. You write a song called ______(fill in the blank).
4. Now, would you make a copyright statement for your song?
5. Do you play an instrument?
6. What is your favorite primary color? book? hobby? favorite...anything else that you might deem appropriate:
7. How do you write your fours? Your sevens? Your a's? How do you dot your i's?
8. Are you allergic to anything?
9. Your favorite computer font?
10. Your favorite school subject?
11. You are the main superintendent of an exclusive private school. What would you name it and what would the tuition fee be?
How long did it take you to find the O?
13. You are the owner of a highly successful fast food chain of restaurants...how would it be?
14. Order any type of food that you would eat at the moment.
15. state all the digits of pi that you know.
16. Honestly, do you know the lyrics to "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"?
17. Rate the latest movie that you have seen.
18. State your biggest talent.
19. You are wrapping a present. Explain your decoration decisions.
20. Do you have a blog? Do you regularly write in it?
21. Mac or PC?
22. Finally, please make up your own question and answer it. (See, I didn't make up the entire survey ;))
Thank you for taking your time to complete these questions. Sincerely, Starfire8.


Connected Nostalgia

Do you remember?

That moonlight that shone ever so softly on the window pane with a soft touch of Vivaldi, That sunlight that woke up the children ever so alertly with a rush of loud Mozart,
That rainbow that flooded the clear skies,
announcing its arrival with an assortment of Bach,
Saying, do not forget me.
Do you remember-
those starry skies that brought a whif of "fresh" and "new",
those people in the crowd cheering you on that sported pure fragrances of enthusiasm and energy
those ocean waves singing splash and splatter...do you?

Hmm...honestly this poem represents everything in the world. Connected. All our senses, thoughts, and emotions are purely connected and form the wonderful world as we know if by intertwining and putting together these feelings. I was highly tempted to have a line saying the commotion of the streets, people bustling in a hurry, in their own world, to the beat of Lady Gaga. It just would be so fitting in the twenty-first century, now wouldn't it? It just expresses how time goes by and there are so many changes in the way patterns go.


The Other Side of the ICS vs. RJH debate ;)

Okay...if your wondering what the famed ICS vs. RJH Debate is...let me explain: There are two widely renowned schools in the Redmond area...Redmond Junior High and International Community School, both are what we call "highly competitive schools" and the individuals attending each have fun comparing which one is better. However, we may never truly see the end of this argument, for there are positive and negative sides of both. Let me get to point: I'm all for RJH as much as I believe that ICS is a wonderful school with wonderful people...please allow me to elaborate, however, if you feel the need to view a side from a ICS student's point of view, take a look at Sage96's blog (there is a link located on the side bar). First of all, let me get this straight- RJH gives you an oppurtunity to mix and socialize with all types of people, in Quest or not and the diversity in RJH is obvious especially if you were to walk in during Spirit Week on Nationality Day where RJH students wear clothing unique to their culture and background. Offering a choice of intriguing languages including French, Spanish, and Japanese, RJH gives it student body and oppurtunity to experiment with different languages. Point One clarified: RJH is truly diverse in all aspects. Next, RJH offers electives, leaving students with two classes to look forward to during the day. Every single day, a typical RJH student is offered two electives which they are able to pick from at the beginning of each semester, including orchestra (which I highly reccomend ;)), Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, Concert Choir, Creative Cooking, Foods Around the World, Introduction to Arts, Photography, Leadership, Computer Apps, C# Programming, Introduction to the Guitar, and so much more...the options just increase as you move up a higher grade. In addition, there are so many after school activities that are available: Spelling Bee Club, Math Club, Academic Games, Honor Society, Spirit Club, Yearbook Club, the school play, and sports. That's right-RJH is a strong and competitive school in sports ranging from softball, badminton, football, wrestling, volleyball, basketball, tennis, track, and more, 9th graders are even able to go to the High School for sports such as gymnastics, swimming, golf, etc. Clearly, RJH is a fun school to be at and all RJH student body members are all-rounders, being offered many choices and ways to express their talents. Next, RJH assemblies are without doubt fun thanks to the wonderful RJH ASB (Associated Student Body)--this group of people are who sponsor the dances, funraising events, and such. Redmond Junior High School is also a very, very strong competitor is other aspects such as math competitions, NHD (National History Day), and such, often placing high in the state or often even national level. Finally, the teachers at Redmond Junior High School are unlike any others....however, I will mainly be covering the Quest team in this paragraph. Mrs. Town, Ms. Kolrud, and Mrs. Jensen are some of the most unique and dedicated teachers you will EVER meet, each bringing something fun and interesting to the table. From teachers who have often been brought to fame because of random outbursts of "Hot N' Cold", "Tic Tok", or even "I'm a Little Teapot" to those who go on some of the most entertaining birdwalks, the RJH Quest teachers are truly amazing. So, in conclusion, Redmond Junior High is a wonderful school...however, comparing ICS to RJH is comparing two totally different school systems and ways and is evidently hard. Anyhow, may the debate continue on, but remember... Go Grizzlies!