Wishing you a Warm Mug of Hot Chocolate

I am the type of person who considers reading a book by the fireplace in my favorite beanbag with a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows nearby...perfection. Pure perfection. This holiday season, I hope that whatever you define as your "perfect moment" may come alive, and wishing you the best in the upcoming year (: I know I'm a bit late on many respects...Merry Christmas! :D), but remember to celebrate the amazing world and people around you <3


Postcard of the Future

When your mother handed you your postcard of the future,
what did you think?

Did you dream
of fairies from far away places,
and dragons.

Did you truly and deeply believe
that Prince Charming
in all his elegance
would arrive
at a moment in your life,
pick up the fragmented pieces of glass
and fallen roses
and be a living dream?

Did you set your heart upon a falling star
that whatever you wished would come true,
and relish
of a beautiful world you knew you would see...

Then you told this to your mother
sister, father and brother,
they stared,
you felt ashamed.

But here's a little secret I'll tell you about this game.

When we were all handed that postcard,
a small, tiny fire inside
in each and every one of us,
counted upon these little lies.


Food for Thought


Silently Calling

Each scorching word
leaves another mark on the road.
Together, we dissolve in it's silence.
Silent severity
which we are unable to break.

She brushes her fingertips
and deliberately
across this trail,
until their presence...
is merely lingering. 

They say...we are fighters.
Who have conquered days
who will together rise, 
and forget the cares of the world--

but they do not know of this trail.