Just a Reminder...

"Laugh your heart out
dance in the rain
cherish the moment
ignore the pain
live, laugh, love
forgive and forget
life's too short to be
living with regrets."
- unknown

I'm sorry if you've heard this quote one too many times from me, but hearing it again never hurts. (:


A Different Type of Hello

asdfghjkl; hello. (:

no, really. Think about it, there really isn't a defined emotion when you press a bunch of random keys on your keyboard, it can mean anything. happiness, frustration, sadness, excitement, impatience, anything. and so really, perhaps it is the best way to express one's feelings and thoughts...haha anyways aside from that little tangent there, hopefully life is good. I know that Spring Break is approaching and it's so close...yet so far... but it'll come soon, don't worry (:

This is just a random thing that just popped into my mind, but, the other day...

"You know, I'd really like to write a novel."

"Alright then, go for it!"

"Hm maybe..." "I'm going to Starbucks."


"Oh you know, that's where all the great writers get their ideas..."

"Mm right...just like in the movies."

Hmm haha for some reason this conversation made my day, because really, as much as the "author sitting at their little table with their Mac and their cup of coffee thinking up their next bestseller" is something that always comes to mind, well...We can achieve just as much standing in a deserted field with a pencil and paper(: (ok, fine, exaggeration...but you know what I mean)...Keep in mind that the person in that conversation felt as if the concept alone of writing a novel would be impossible. But honestly, sometimes the limitations and things that keep up from achieving our goals aren't neccessary and it's always important to remember that as cliche as this sounds, you really can get anywhere from anything. No, the Justin Bieber movie isn't getting to me haha"never say never"- it's just that sometimes we have to take a breath from everything and realize that... those dreams that once seemed impossible? Not so much anymore.


Wistful Blue

There used to be a lone picture that hung in the studio where I took music lessons in. It was a rather beautiful picture, to be honest with you, but I don't really think that anyone noticed it...you could say that it blended into the background. Not that the background was much, consider a few pale cream walls, an occasional orchid in a vase or two and that was pretty much it. Anyways, the "anyone" from before also included me...ask me to describe the piano bench in the room and I'll describe it better than I could describe that picture, ask me to describe the bookshelf with the peeling white paint that stood in the corner and I would be able to describe it better than that picture--Ask me to tell you how many tiles were on the ceiling and I would probably be able to give you a better guess than how that picture looked like. You get the point, that picture just was the type of thing that was always there, but you just never really paid attention to. The only reason that this picture was brought to my attention was during one particularly long (and what I deemed completely irrelevant) side conversation from my violin teacher. In an attempt to subtly disguise my bored-ness (okay, well not really. He knew that no one cared about the different between black tea and green tea), I began to look absentmindedly around the room and my eyes landed on it...
On a bare canvas,
an artist has poured out
their emotions.

Not subtly or quietly either.

the sadness,
and turmoil
blend with the hues
of love,
and ecstasy,
creating a slow waltz
of memories,
and pieces of the past.
The colors are bright
and then cold.
and then

But the color that most wishes to be heard
travels throughout,
sometimes merely a lurking visitor,
and other times, the star of the show.

These are the blues.
These are shades of melancholy,
That speak out with their irony,
and seem a stranger-
among the rest.
They brush past the violet,
in a swift and smooth gesture
and meet the greens with a final farewell,
for they have done their job.



Sometimes I like to
Talk to the trees.
And I wonder if they ever...
And I wonder what they would say
if they could talk back.
Maybe they can.

Sometimes I like to
that the sky
and the stars
and the moon
are my friends.
And the memories that I've shared-
on the wonderful place called Earth
will forever be there
in our friendship.
Maybe they will.

Sometimes I like
to sit and stare out the window
and tell my dreams to the clouds...
even if they really don't care.

just maybe,
they do.