A Different Type of Hello

asdfghjkl; hello. (:

no, really. Think about it, there really isn't a defined emotion when you press a bunch of random keys on your keyboard, it can mean anything. happiness, frustration, sadness, excitement, impatience, anything. and so really, perhaps it is the best way to express one's feelings and thoughts...haha anyways aside from that little tangent there, hopefully life is good. I know that Spring Break is approaching and it's so close...yet so far... but it'll come soon, don't worry (:

This is just a random thing that just popped into my mind, but, the other day...

"You know, I'd really like to write a novel."

"Alright then, go for it!"

"Hm maybe..." "I'm going to Starbucks."


"Oh you know, that's where all the great writers get their ideas..."

"Mm right...just like in the movies."

Hmm haha for some reason this conversation made my day, because really, as much as the "author sitting at their little table with their Mac and their cup of coffee thinking up their next bestseller" is something that always comes to mind, well...We can achieve just as much standing in a deserted field with a pencil and paper(: (ok, fine, exaggeration...but you know what I mean)...Keep in mind that the person in that conversation felt as if the concept alone of writing a novel would be impossible. But honestly, sometimes the limitations and things that keep up from achieving our goals aren't neccessary and it's always important to remember that as cliche as this sounds, you really can get anywhere from anything. No, the Justin Bieber movie isn't getting to me haha"never say never"- it's just that sometimes we have to take a breath from everything and realize that... those dreams that once seemed impossible? Not so much anymore.

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