who are you?

You are a star.
A star...

whose five delicate point are glowing

but still have yet to meet their absolute best.

who perhaps has dimmed

and faded

and maybe even dissappeared,

but always comes back, brighter and stronger than ever.
A star.

Now you are...

the moon.
Who lights up the closing dark sky
of yesterday.
and parts before a new tommorrow may begin.
but whose silver light-barely there
brings hope to the vast night.
The moon.

And finally, you are...
A beautiful human being
who has made themselves
an individual.

Who has picked up new things,
seeks a brighter future.

Who has collected memories
had experiences,
and created dreams.
Who are you?
You are [insert your name here].


oh how I love Winnie the Pooh. (:


A Note or Two

"Music is a total constant. That's why we have such a strong visceral connection to it, you know? Because a song can take you back instantly to a moment, or a place, or even a person. No matter what else has changed in your or the world, that one says the same, just like that moment."

-Sarah Dessen, Just Listen

I just wanted to share a little thought that I had when I came across this quote while reading Just Listen (good book so far by the way!). I was actually just revisiting a bit of older music...(well not really that old, some from a few months ago, but still) and the funny thing that I realized is that with almost each and every single song, there are memories and thoughts connected to it. For example...hmm, listening to Hot N' Cold reminds me of the days of singing this on our bus in sixth grade as a big group (: Other songs remind me of other things, like I'll listen to song and remember perhaps...the first time I heard it, or maybe a particular moment/time when I heard it that maybe stood out to me in some way or another. They can remind you of places, conversations, memories, and even sometimes people. It's really much more than eight notes strung together in some random way or another to appeal to people...it just is so much more than that. I guess...that's just the beauty of music. Just wanted to share that note or two (no pun intended ;)).


Here I Am

dreamers are believers, believers are fighters.
these are the people who shall forever inspire...
mountains and valleys,
oceans and plains,
hopes and dreams,
sun and rain.
so here I am world; close and then afar,
closing my eyes, wishing upon a star.


Words and Wondering

If you ever happen to be scrolling through some of the posts here, you might notice that the spacing is rather odd...to be honest, Blogger is being quite frustrating right now and so I apologize for that...just know that I didn't intentionally make the spacing crazy (:

Anyhow, just a minute ago, I was staring at this blank post, wondering what to write (as often happens) but as I glanced around at my desk, I noticed a striped spiral bound notebook that I honestly haven't touched (as in physically wrote in) in...oh, say about two or three years. [brace yourself for a story] The funny thing is that this notebook brings back memories of quite an odd time that occured when I was reading Cornelia and the Audicious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters by Leslie M. Blume. I honestly thought that this book was alright if you're ever bored, but not particularly outstanding. But hey, when you're in fourth grade and need a book for reading time, anything will do (; haha just kidding, but anyways, back to the story. So, to give a brief background of the book, it's essentially about a girl who experiences different cultures as she travels around the world etc. (you know, the whole Eat Pray Love concept...except not really.) The thing about this book is that it introduces a bunch of foreign words, unusual phrases and such because the main character, Cornelia is...well, just eccentric that way. So I, for some reason I am still unable to understand, decided that I would record every single "different" word/phrase that I found in that book. Why? I don't know. But I do know that now I have over ten pages of those phrases in a notebook. Actually, here is a scanned page of it. (please excuse the messy handwriting)
For your reading pleasure (although you probably could care less :)) , here are a few:

quidnunc: one who is forever anxious to know about everything that is going o
bavardage: foolish or empty chatter

Arrete! C'est Ki L'empire De La Mort: "This is the Empire of Death" (because that will definitely be useful in the future :))

Chien bizzare: "a bizzare dog lives here" (I don't even know...)

incommodius: uncomfortable

linguistic recluse: person who withdraws from the world and into words
Parisology: when you use words that are unneccessarily complicated so that no one understands what you're talking about (well I guess that these words are useful after all :P)

Now, you might wonder why, out of the strange stories (oh and trust me, there are many :)) I could tell, I picked this one. Well, you see, the other day someone told me that "it would be much easier if the entire world spoke English. Why can't it just be this way?" Because...languages are what bring us together and unite us as people. Of course some people might argue that everyone speaking English might just further unite us in this way...but really, what's the fun in that? Different cultures and their own unique ways are what makes our world interesting and diverse and even though you might say that I'm not one to talk (because I'll admit it, I only can speak English and understand most of Portuguese)...it's fun to see what the world has to offer. Even for those of you who think that there's no point in learning any more vocabulary as long as you know the basics (enough to strike up a normal conversation with someone), sometimes, it just is useful...and even fun to have a few unusual words in your back pocket. Haha well anyways, I feel as if I just went on a "importance of languages" type rant that has no absolute connection to anything, but that notebook just brought back a few thoughts.
Alright well, Adios (;


Lavender Petals and Long Time No See

ahhh, finally, I can take a deep breath, sit down at my computer and revisit here...
why hello (:
I know, I know, I apologize for not posting in a while, but hopefully I'll get back to posting more regularly. To be honest, I can't believe that summer is coming along so fast, it seemed like only a while ago that the sun being out at seven never happened, but now...well, time flies. (:
Well anyhow, quick (quite random) update:

-I finished A Tale of Two Pretties (last Clique book! I know, I know, I'm addicted. (: anyways, make fun of that much as you want; Massie, Alicia, Claire, Kristen, and Dylan have become characters who've I've grown to get to know really well and it's dissapointing to have to say goodbye to them...ah well. Wishing them an ah-mazing future ;))
-I'm reading The Social Network right now...haha thank you for letting me borrow it (and then getting me hooked on it), anonymous person...you know who you are :) so far it's actually quite interesting, especially since Facebook is something that we seem to use quite frequently...maybe I'll post a book review once I'm done.
-Also, this is interesting, a song made entirely by Windows 7 sounds. I thought that it was pretty impressive...
-Oh and finally:

there will always be

a flower petal
that doesn't belong.
a lavender piece
that's made it way this far,

but really,
never quite fit.

days and days
the endless feeling of being out of place.

people look at the petal
and wonder why
it doesn't just fall
it would be much more beautiful...without.

more days
and the petal decides
that maybe it's time.
slowly and gracefully to the ground
it falls.
now, on the white windowsill
there is a small speck of purple.
that same lavender piece
that once never really belonged...
but now they stop for a second

see, the thing about this petal
is that it's beautiful

by itself.