Lavender Petals and Long Time No See

ahhh, finally, I can take a deep breath, sit down at my computer and revisit here...
why hello (:
I know, I know, I apologize for not posting in a while, but hopefully I'll get back to posting more regularly. To be honest, I can't believe that summer is coming along so fast, it seemed like only a while ago that the sun being out at seven never happened, but now...well, time flies. (:
Well anyhow, quick (quite random) update:

-I finished A Tale of Two Pretties (last Clique book! I know, I know, I'm addicted. (: anyways, make fun of that much as you want; Massie, Alicia, Claire, Kristen, and Dylan have become characters who've I've grown to get to know really well and it's dissapointing to have to say goodbye to them...ah well. Wishing them an ah-mazing future ;))
-I'm reading The Social Network right now...haha thank you for letting me borrow it (and then getting me hooked on it), anonymous person...you know who you are :) so far it's actually quite interesting, especially since Facebook is something that we seem to use quite frequently...maybe I'll post a book review once I'm done.
-Also, this is interesting, a song made entirely by Windows 7 sounds. I thought that it was pretty impressive...
-Oh and finally:

there will always be

a flower petal
that doesn't belong.
a lavender piece
that's made it way this far,

but really,
never quite fit.

days and days
the endless feeling of being out of place.

people look at the petal
and wonder why
it doesn't just fall
it would be much more beautiful...without.

more days
and the petal decides
that maybe it's time.
slowly and gracefully to the ground
it falls.
now, on the white windowsill
there is a small speck of purple.
that same lavender piece
that once never really belonged...
but now they stop for a second

see, the thing about this petal
is that it's beautiful

by itself.

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