Connected Nostalgia

Do you remember?

That moonlight that shone ever so softly on the window pane with a soft touch of Vivaldi, That sunlight that woke up the children ever so alertly with a rush of loud Mozart,
That rainbow that flooded the clear skies,
announcing its arrival with an assortment of Bach,
Saying, do not forget me.
Do you remember-
those starry skies that brought a whif of "fresh" and "new",
those people in the crowd cheering you on that sported pure fragrances of enthusiasm and energy
those ocean waves singing splash and splatter...do you?

Hmm...honestly this poem represents everything in the world. Connected. All our senses, thoughts, and emotions are purely connected and form the wonderful world as we know if by intertwining and putting together these feelings. I was highly tempted to have a line saying the commotion of the streets, people bustling in a hurry, in their own world, to the beat of Lady Gaga. It just would be so fitting in the twenty-first century, now wouldn't it? It just expresses how time goes by and there are so many changes in the way patterns go.

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