Each Ending is a New Beginning

"You don't get another chance. Life is no Nintendo game." -Eminem

oh, Eminem. As much as I love your music, this quote made me stop for a moment and go "wait, whattt?" I agree that our lives are about as close to Mario Kart as black is to white (if only you could pick up Question Blocks in life that would give you extra powers :)) but does that mean that we can't have second chances? No way. I actually sort of understand where this quote is coming from, considering that he's probably had a hard life and is just sharing his personal experiences, but I don't think that that's necessarily true.

Well, now that we're talking a bit about music, let me quote from what used to be one of my favorite songs (let me apologize in advance if you disapprove of my music taste...anyhow, that's not what's relevant right now):"sometimes goodbye is a second chance" [bonus points if you can guess what song!... because I'm not telling ;P] Anyways, this particular line spoke out for me because most of us, when approaching our life, see the "end" of things as...well, the end. Is it possible that we can actually see these ends as the beginning of something new, though? Sure, it's not like the whole Nintendo "okay, you lost one life? oh well that's okay, moving on to your next brand new sparkly life" thing, and I understand that everything won't be perfect, but maybe sometimes the end of one "chance" is the opportunity to start on an even better one.

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