"___has one! I want it!"

What appeals to the general public? Think for a minute. Okay, now narrow it down to what appeals to the youth. Thought of a couple of things? Okay. Now, (and for the the final time, I promise) narrow it down to things that appeal to kids age 5-12. And voila. You have a whole list in and of itself. Although you may not realize, kids are the heart of the products that we buy. I'm sure that you've heard the familar phrases:

"Mommy...can we buy this...pleasee? Everyone at school has it!"

or "Hey Mom, this is so much cooler that the version we have at home...you soo have to get it."
If you think about it; the people that come up with products that are targeted towards kids aren't really that "innovative"...just a bit smart. They realize that kids can't possibly not want their product if they see that Miley Cyrus is advertising it on T.V...or what about if one of their favorite cartoons sponsors it? And they would have to get it if all their friends have it of course. So then all they need is for the kids to convince their parents (the easy part of course :))...and voila! A prospering business is under way. You might be wondering what spurred me to right this article...No, it was not simply that I decided to because...I decided to, but I was at my computer when I noticed what was on my hand. A Silly Band. How is it that colorfully shaped rubber bands can be so popular, you ask? Simple, the formula stated above. Recently, someone I know showed me a Silly Necklace. And then a Silly Ring. I have no clue where this is going, but there surely is pattern.
Appealing Products (prefferably involving well-known stars or cartoons) + Youth (who like to keep up with the trends) = consumers who drive the toy business
Businesses realize that something is popular and so they make more versions and types, variations, and soon it becomes a craze. You have to have all of them! Look back on how many times you've heard the words collect them all with a catchy tune and happy people on t.v. commerials. Exactly my point. I guess that's just the way our world works.
Webkinz (something you may not have heard of, but being around many second and third graders, I certainly have...) are a type of stuffed animal which come with an online code that you type into their website so that you essentially have a virtual pet. Sure, this may be cool or such but I (who knows someone who has 49 Webkinz...no kidding) have a feeling that it is these trends that go much more beyond a "cute" stuffed animal.
Here is another list:
-Neopets (oh...you remember them)
-Yu-Gi-Oh cards (Pokemon too!)
Well this is a rather unexhastive list, but these are just a few examples of products, or toys that have pushed the boundaries of popularity and become the new trends among youth, either now, or a few years ago.
All of this just struck me as...interesting. The economy, businesses, and product world is just so strange yet predictable. You get to know what's going to be a hit among people and you know what targets your consumers and voila. What's in store next? I have no clue. But I have no doubt that shaped rubber bands are just the beginning of it.

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