The Crayon Philosophy

Yes, The Crayon Philosophy. One day I pondered over why we must always look back on our past and which that we could step back into it, rewrite it, or step away from the present. That was when I began to think of the Crayon Philosophy (yes I made it up).It might sound childlike, but honestly, it is a very crucial philosphy that is hard to understand. Here is the basis of it:
"Remember when you were younger and picking a color of a crayon was the biggest decision in your life? Remember? Do you sometimes look back on that and wish that you were that age again?"
And this is the Crayon Philosophy itself:
That in the case in which we grow up and relieve ourselves of dependency on another being (well...we still depend on people but you know what it means) and take on new responsibilities, although sometimes we may look back on our past and which that we were back in that same situation again, each state has it's ups and downs, even when you were a little infant or when you were still in kindergarten picking crayons from a box. (Hence why it is called the crayon philosophy).
Now honestly, anyone is free the argue against this philosophy, but if you think about life in such a way, it makes things seem much easier. For example, right now you are probably wish that you were perhaps...5 years old again. Unless you are a billionaire and living the life that you would never want to get away from ("I wanna be a billionaire..." :D). You say to yourself, remember when all I had to worry about was whether I could have a lollipop for dinner or...if I could have a birthday party? However, that is besides the case. Because at that time, the importance that you carry at the moment for your job\school\whatever you are worried about is how much you care about the lollipop or birthday party. Trust me, at five years old, a birthday party can mean EVERYTHINGto you ;).
Also, try to think positively at what you have acquired over the years, responsibility, experience, and independence...even trust. Basically what I'm trying to prove here is that although many people might just adore the opportunity to step back into the past and change things...everything has it's good and bad sides, and just like that something might mean the world to you right now, a crayon meant the world to any five year old. :)

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