Carpe Diem: Seize the Day

Some of you might have heards these words a countless number of times. In fact, if you know me, you've probably heard it more than that. At the same time, numerous people have come up to me and asked me:
"What does 'Carpe Diem' mean?"
I now do realize that simply saying "seize the day" means nothing unless we really do understand what it means to seize the day. The reason why I abruptly decided to write a post on this topic is that in such times we seem to really need to make the most out of our day...whether is be economic times, natural disasters (the infamous oil spill for example), or maybe you are just someone undergoing social stress. Yes. No matter who we are, "Nobody's Perfect" (it seems like a dreadful crime to quote Miley Cyrus in such times, but...). I will admit, even as myself, I face times where I think that it is impossible to make the most out of our day.
For example, you know, that day when you woke up and everything just seemed to go wrong?? Where you were in a bad mood, and on top of that, late to work because you spent fifteen minutes searching for coffee to find that there was none, and it even was raining, and on top of that, the work load at your job was pressurizing and you couldn't make time to take a break, and then once you got home, you just needed a rest, but then there was still work to do like picking up your kids from soccer, making dinner or mowing the lawn? Yeah.
Or maybe, you woke up thirty minutes late to school because you were tired from last minute studying until 12:00 the previous day, so you were late to school and got a lunch detention, only to realize that you forgot your ASB card or money. Then, after going without lunch, you have math finals but realize that you studied the wrong chapters, and in science, your teacher assigns a pop quiz, but you didn't have time to read the textbook last night and so you don't know anything, and finally, after school, on Facebook, your heart gets broken and you feel horrible but you have a huge history assignment for 200 points due tommorrow. Mhm.
Still, at these times, as strange and impossible as it may seem, it is possible to stay optimistic and make the most out of it. So, you do feel exhausted after that horrible day of work, but think, am I really one to complain when there are people out there who are working in inhumane conditions, struggling, and wondering whether they will eat dinner (they don't even have the option of coffee)? Or, you do feel absolutely terrible about those math finals and that Facebook episode and need to do history, but take a look at how this will impact your life:
Will one insignificant day really affect my happiness in 20\30 years? Will I really look back and wish that this day never happened, or is it perhaps...a learning experience?
Yeah, I know. No one actually tells that to themselves...so there is something else that many people get cheered up by. You know that feeling when you had that really bad day or got a horrible test grade but then realize that everyone else did too, and it makes you feel better? Well, just remember that EVERYONE has their bad moments and experiences and so don't let it ruin your day. Just don't.
Finally, there is one more thing that I would like to say...tommorrow is a brand new day. Think of it as a fresh start. In fact, think of every hour as a brand new start. You can make it better and better by thinking positive. I was thinking over the concept of "Carpe Diem" earlier today and realized that it can truly relate to Bella in New Moon. Even if you are a true Twilight hater, please bear with me :). Anyways, in those tragic months, where Bella feels horrible...there are so many things she could have done to get away from her "pain" and make a brand new start. Of course, that would dramatically end the saga and Edward would be long gone, but theoretically speaking, although it would be very very hard, Bella's life would be much easier in New Moon if she "seized the day".
Therefore, I would just like to end on the note in which you ask yourself...in 25 years will I honestly be impacted by this experience/day or is it better to just let go of everyone, get a fresh new start, and live your life. That's right ;)


  1. wow Chrissy, this is really good! (it should be published) wow - you just pretty much stated my life up there :) and you've made me think a little more about... everything :)

  2. Oh! and... we can only wish that Bella had seized the day :P

  3. Oh haha thank you! :) And yes, we can only wish...it would make Eclipse and Breaking Dawn very boring ;)

  4. Is the school example realistic? :)
    Great explanation...

  5. Thank you Bo-Peep! :) Hmmm...what do you mean by realistic? It is completely possible (of course, that would be a horrible experience) but has never actually happened to me :) On the other hand, I'm sure that some people have experienced it :)

  6. I like this post very much! Very touching and inspiring. However, I don't think Carpe Diem is about optimism, as you talked about in your post. Carpe Diem is more about taking the initiative and living life to the fullest. However, it is still a great post!
    Also, in response to the Twilight analogy, I believe that instead of getting caught up in this whole vampire-werewolf fiasco, Bella should have taken Edward's advice in the first book and moved as far away from him as possible. Then the rest of the series could talk about moving to Switzerland, getting a degree in law, getting a job as a lawyer, marrying a NON-vampire, NON-werewolf man, and living out the rest of her days happily with her children and eating delicious chocolates.
    Then again, if Kirsten Stewart went this route, I don't think she'd have many readers. :P

  7. Hmm...yes...I suppose that my interpretation of Carpe Diem was a bit different than "seize the day" so thanks for sharing your opinion! :)
    Haha your response to the Twilight analogy was very amusing...however, we all know that Bella would never dream of going somewhere besides where Edward was, and at the same time, Bella moving to Switzerland would bring a dramatic end to many directors' dreams as well as end Kristen Stewart's career (I agree :D)...so we can only imagine that Bella chose a different path....