Tidbits at 10 P.M.

Right now, it is 9:21 P.M. and I am sitting on a swivel chair in front of my computer intent on writing a blog post, no matter what it'll take me. Right now, it is 9:30 and I am sitting on a beanbag in front of my computer in my pajamas and with a glass of hot chocolate by my side, strongly intent on writing something.
Ah, much better. Anyhow, after feeling incredibly guilty for not posting as regularly as I believe I promised earlier, here are just a few really random tidbits I've found through my numerous periods of wasted time (hehe just kidding ;) Enjoy! (: [whoever you may be, whether a criminal in a jail cell halfway across the world or...not :P]

Alright, so first of all, I wanted to share something sweet that I stumbled across earlier--
^ The beauty of this is not just that it made me smile, but also that there is so much more meaning behind it when you stop and think about it. Family and friends are such special things in our lives and this little story just helps illustrate how sometimes even the smallest acts can be the most special because of the effort and thought put into them. "That's the best I could do under the circumstances" <--and yet, that means so much. (:

True, true (;

...and that's why I read <3

Quidditch. Yes.
Hehe just had to throw that one in (;

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