It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Merry Christmas (: Hopefully you had your share of gift wrap, candy canes, gingerbread, and all the other wonderful things that make up the holiday season (: I'll be completely honest...I feel slightly guilty that I haven't posted on here in a while, but I guess that I too was caught up in most-wonderful-time-of-the-year-feeling. But excuses, excuses...I guess that I owe you some catching up, so here goes (: (Bear with me, this is going to be a rather scatter-brained post...)

First of all, I have to say that I love the holiday season (as those of you who know me probably know). Crowded malls, snow, the smell of Christmas? Yes.

Only, I have an experience to share with you. So, it was Christmas day, and we were driving to meet our relatives (aunt and uncle, cousins), you know, a nice family gathering. There is this sense of happiness, bliss in the air. The type of feeling that usually only comes a few times of the year, one of them being Christmas. The type of feeling you never can really take away. So anyways, then there we were...but something just seemed out of place. There we were in a warm car, with the things that we take for granted, you know...clothes, food, shelter, etc. And on the sidewalk...there was a man. Holding in one hand a ragged cardboard sign that said: "Homeless. Anything will be appreciated." Out in the cold. Now, I don't mean to be some dramatic Hollywood director here, you know, painting that whole dramatic story and taking away the spirit of Christmas...but...I just thought that it was ironic, is all. Just put a new perspective on things. How fortunate are we?

Ok. Now fast forward a bit. So, its around noon and everyone's opened their presents etc. and we're taking a walk outside...and I hear a girl...complaining.
"I didn't get what I wanted for Christmas."
"Look what she got! I wanted that!"
"I don't like my presents."
And I'm sure you'd like being out there in the cold on the sidewalk, living on a few coins rather than not get what you want for Christmas, right? Mhm. I have to admit, maybe I'm being a little picky, I mean what can you expect from an eight year old girl who's accustomed to get whatever she's wanted for Christmas for the past few years? But...still...

Alright. End of my rant (: On a more positive note, I was going through all the documents on my computer and since I save most documents, I brought one up (a poem) that I wrote oh about four years ago...I just thought that it was interesting how although people's writing over time, they usually still mantain the same sort of style...

The people smile, I smile right back,
I fly upon an eagle’s back.
My voice is heard among them all,
A strong loud voice, but not that small.
To soar in the stars, is a dream not to tell,
But to have all the others is also as well.

And alas, it is story time again (:

So anyways, I, admist the large amount of catching up with friends, family and such that I've done over winter break, buying presents, you know, all the usual holiday stuff, I still manage to fit time in for reading and catching up on the books that I've needed to finish up, but this is just an incident that happened while we were getting groceries...so anyways, this happened a while ago, but I was at Costcos when there was a book signing going on (I'm not quite sure who the author was) and admist this book signing this little boy comes up to her and says:
"Why are you an author?" Now for a boy about four or five years to say...this is quite unusual.
And so you can just see the author look at the boy with a questioning look on her face and the mom runs up behind the boy and says in a breezy voice something along the lines of "*laugh*..oh don't mind him...oh I just love your books!" and etc.
But the author turns to the boy and answers his question.
And she says "Because I love words." And she says it very confidently and with a slight smile on her face...
And the boy says "Me too. Especially big words."
The author and the mom both laugh...
This might have seemed like a normal episode to you, but the very essence of it was that, well, words are a beautiful thing (: haha I probably seem pretty bias here, but there are certain things that you can't really express through words and then there are things that sound amazing in words...(Back story: The reason why I brought up this random subject was because someone recently asked me 'why do you blog'...this is for you, anonymous person (; )

Okay, and we are back on the Holiday Debates Channel featuring your host (me), and a few guest stars.
Here is our current Holiday Debate: Is Santa Real?
18 year old girl: Yes.
Host: And why do you say this?
18 year old girl: You just have to believe that he's real...and then he is.
Host: Alright then, let's see what our other guest stars have to say...
2 year old child: Yes! Santa Claus is real!
Host: And what evidence do you have to support this?
2 year old child: Presents
Host: Thank you for those words and now, our final guest speaker...
Adult: Well...I guess that Santa is real for kids. I mean, we all know that he's not, but for the kids, he's the one who brings presents and comes down the chimney at night
Host: So, you don't really believe in him?
Adult: Do you?
Host: No comment. Alright then, thanks for watching that short segment and a special round of applause to our three guest stars! Stay tuned for our next segment on "Is Rudolph really the Best Reindeer?"

A brief commentary on that-yes, the guest stars were actual people in real life (who will remain anonymous), but I personally asked them whether they believed in Santa and those were their actual answers...only later I put them into a talkshow format... so there you go (:

And finally:

45 miles away,
there is a house.

The house is painted gold
and silver.
But there are no walls.

There is a wooden knocker,
but there is no door.

The steam rises from the house,
but the chimney
and the fireplace
are long gone.

The voices echo from inside,
but the people
have already left.

But 45 miles away,
there is a house.

Wishing you the best in the upcoming New Year and a great rest of winter break (:

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