2010. and counting...

Here goes, my last post of the year (:
It's been great. There have been so many adventures, fun times, and special moments along the way. As I sit here at this computer, I could go on about the good times of the past, but honestly, right now I'm looking towards the future. And why? Because, if I were a fortuneteller sitting at my crystal ball right now, I could tell you that I see a long road of happiness, new adventures, and experiences. I can't say exactly what the future will hold, but I know that it will be even better. Thanks to the friends, family, and people who surround me every single day and made this year as good as it was...and hopefully you'll be with me throughout 2011 as well. Thanks for being there through good times (so many), the bad times (we all have them), and the middle times (yeah I dont know :)). It's been a great year.
Well we'll have to wait and see...but wishing you a prosperous and wonderful new year 2011 and may your hopes, dreams, and wishes come true.


  1. 4 the pic of 2011, did u go there?

  2. no, actually I didn't, but I thought that it was a pretty cool picture! (: