Only Fate Will Tell

"I'm a big wisher. I'll wish on anything. Shooting stars, stray eyelashes, dandelion tops, coins in fountains. Birthday candles (my own and other people's)." -Finally, Wendy Mass
Rewind to yesterday. I was going to Purell my hands, which seems simple enough, but it got me thinking (as most things do). So, there I was with a Purell bottle and I squeezed a drop of it out, only something very strange happened this time. It formed an 'S'. Literally, an 'S'. I have no clue how. You might think that this is a silly coincidence, but it formed the most perfect S I have ever seen. Anyways, so for a few brief fleeting moments I was puzzled (should I take the superstitious route and consider this a 'sign'? Or was it was just a coincidence and should I just shrug it off?). Well, this must seem like an awful lot of thinking to do over a simple few drops of hand sanitizer, but it interested me...and got me thinking about...superstition. I know people with a broad spectrum of views on this subject:
-I have a friend who finds Friday the 13th and little trivial things like that 'fun' to believe in, but it's not that serious of a thing to her
-Then again, I know someone who thinks that anything involved/affiliated with myths/superstition is silly and obnoxious
-Oh and I know someone else who absolutely is superstitious 100%...everyone they do, everyone stroke of fate and luck is based on myths or superstition. Really.
Here are my basic views on superstition; I believe that it's fun and interesting to go along with everything like Friday the 13th etc., but I really think that there is a...stopping point. I won't base my actions, thoughts, or major decisions on anything superstitious, I just won't. Sure, I might read a Magic 8 Ball just for the enjoyment and I love the mystery aura that comes with it, but honestly? I think that there is a point when one can take things too far...Anyhow, as always; this is an opinion, and I am open to any new perspectives....What are your views on superstition?

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