Today is one of those days...one of those sunny, bright, cheerful Sundays. Kids begging their parents to take them to the beach, birds flying in the sky, boats out on the water, ice cream trucks out and ready- but I still can't help wonder- Is this one of the last days of summer? Is fall coming? The leaves are started to turn yellow on trees in some places, the Halloween costumes and decorations are started to get stocked up in stores and more and more signs of fall are coming. Should I be sad to see summer fly away so fast and go? Should I anticipate the coming of fall? It is sad to see the sunny days coming to an end...Fly away summer, fly away...The trees seem to whisper to me as I run past them in their own language and seem to remind me- September is coming...
Last minute school supply shoppers roam the aisles of the stores and summer camp flyers are soon to be gone. I make a list in my mind- what am I looking forward to this fall? I come up with many answers. The thing is that although I'll miss summer...I have to admit that I'm looking forward to fall... :)

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