At the store.
A girl wails that they wanted the newest Barbie Doll set but they are all sold out,
A mother comforts a little boy who complains that's its not fair that a Wii game is too expensive,
A teenager begs their parents to buy them an IPhone for their birthday,
Posted on the back window of the store is a picture of a family in Africa which has no food, torn clothing , no education, and none of them have ever dreamed of owning anything such as a Barbie Doll, a Wii, or an IPhone,
The girl spots it first and stops wailing,
The boy spots it next and stops complaining,
The teenager spots it next and wants to make a difference,
And in each and every person's head,
The same words echo,
We are lucky to have what we have.


  1. Very nice poem! Good job Chrissy!

  2. This could make a good script for an ad about appreciation. Keep up the good work!