To the Wilderness! ...and Alpha Academy.

My list of things you should know when you go camping:
- Never ask whether the jellyfish in the water can electrocute you. Limited aquatic knowledge or not, people will laugh at you.
- As fun as it is to roast marshmallows, there is a point at which if you keep them near the fire too long, it will shrivel up and turn black. At this point, you shouldn't eat it. I repeat, shouldn't. 
- 50 person hide and seek games are fun. ...But only if you have a way of contacting everyone and telling them to come back once you've given up.
- You might think that if you're 16 and can fit on a four year old's bike, you can ride it. Sure...until it breaks.
- Never yell "snake" at any point during your trip. Especially if you're hiking on a trail where it's very narrow and if everyone were to turn and run in the opposite direction...bad things could happen.
...for a full and unabridged list, please consult...me (: Trust me, it's a long list (;

Anyways haha, aside from that...guess what series I finished, hm? I'll give you a clue...It starts with A and end with lphas. Pshh not saying that I made myself go and buy the last book (Top of the Feud Chain) the day it came or anything...(; Anyhow, before you judge me on my utterly weird taste in books, I'll admit that most of Lisi Harrison's novels have been sort of a guilty pleasure for me, because they're not exactly the best kind of literature, but nevertheless, they're addicting. Nothing will ever replace The Clique for me, but it was pretty cool to check out a series by the same author. For those of you who do not plan to touch this book in the near future, here's a quick synopsis.
In The Alphas, three girls, who have come from three diverse and different backgrounds  all have one common goal: They have been invited to Shira Brazille (completely multi-millionaire)'s exclusive Alpha Academy. Shira, while very manipulative and business smart, is also very competitive and thus, so is her school. The school is made up of one hundred talented girls, each accustomed to always being the alpha, always being the best in their area of talent...but one hundred people can't all be the best at the same time. Alpha Academy is driven towards on keeping the best, and as the series comes to a close, more and more girls are kicked out of the prestige school. In a final test of "do you have what it takes?" only one true "Alpha" will rise to the top at the end... and Skye, Charlie, and Allie might just do anything to achieve that status.

In my opinion, the ending was actually quite surprising, and although I'll refrain from spoiling it for you (if you do plan to read it, that is), I will say that it truly emphasizes the importance of friendship and loyalty, even as the girls try to bring themselves to the top. In my opinion, Top of the Feud Chain brought an unforgettable, yet sweet ending to the series.

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