Eclipse: The Twilight Saga

As lucky as I was to see a midnight showing of Eclipse the day it came out, I was very slow on posting a review on my blog, but anyhow, enjoy! Unfortunately, there is not a font on Blogger that can appropriately convey the pure chilling aura of vampires as particularly emphasized in this movie, but I can do my best to describe it. Perhaps it was that the director (David Slade) had had experience directing a thriller vampire movie, but perhaps it was not, because Eclipse truly encompassed more elements of danger and highlighted the vicious nature of vampires (mainly un-vegetarians to be specific). Or maybe it was simply the fact that Stephenie Meyer had planned out the third book in the series to be the most enthralling (we'll have to wait for Breaking Dawn to come out to see if that is true). Anyhow, the movie simply starts with an innocent businessman (human...later you will realize that it is Riley) briskly walking through the alleys in rainy Seattle with briefcase in hand to be attacked by someone/something which he does not know of. Their speed and intensity makes their appearance merely a blur...but still, it is definite that they are vampires. It was such a dramatic yet clever beginning to the movie that I marveled at (slightly unnerving though). The next scene is quite contrasting and would look quite this way if only Edward was not a vampire...Anyhow, it is a close up of Edward and Bella in "their meadow"...The movie proceeds on full of twists and turns, but what really stood out to me was how well the movie shows the conflicting differences between Bella's two paths. She seems much more in control yet troubled that she has to pick between her two friends...Kristen Stewart's acting was outstanding and it was much more comforting to see her less helpless than in New Moon. Filled with twists and turns, although slightly gruesome at certain parts I must admit, it also did a great job of doing what Eclipse was essentially written to do in the series: make Bella finally make a decision and reestablish and figure out who she really was as a person...Although many people may think that choosing between two lovers is anything but a life-changing decision, I enjoyed Eclipse and have heard from people who have a disliking towards Twilight, that it wasn't actually that bad for them.

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