Duties and Distractions

Right now seems like the perfect time to write about my trip to India...let's see: 30 minutes to go until American Idol starts, will I be able to finish in time? Probably not. That is the sad truth as I can tell no story short. Anyhow, as I sat at my desk wondering what to do next, I was forced to pick between the following:
1) writing a birthday card to a friend whose name I shall not mention for their privacy reasons
2) figuring out the Rubiks cube
3) posting in my blog
The answer was obvious. And now I sit with my brother's blue spiral bound notebook in which he kept track on the trip's daily events (yes...I must give credit to him or add a copyright disclaimer, after all, where else would I get all this information?), an orange pen that smells suspiciously like vanilla, and a glass of water, oh yes, and a computer and a mouse. And now proceeding onto my vacation, ahem...drumroll, please:
Day 1: December 21, 2009. Airplane.
After many consecutive days of waking up early, perhaps 5:00 does not seem like so early anymore. Still, there is no denying that one gets tired at such a time. Anyways, the point is that at 5:00, we were up and awake and on our way to the airport. I'm sure that you readers would be very bored if I accounted my stories of customs, immigration, baggage, and such (you would, trust me...perhaps you would be too kind to admit it, but I know), so I will proceed onto the plane. Ahhh...eating a strawberry and chocolate lollipop at such a high elevation in the air with the breathtaking view of a window seat is something surely hardly anyone can attest to, but I must admit that it is a lovely experience. Just a minute:fast forward- unless you would like to hear the entire eight hour journey, that is. So after a few hours of listening to Katy Perry, Jordin Sparks, David Archuleta, and a few other artists as well as choosing between the difficult decision of "what would you like to drink?" :), it was time to eat. *shudders* This is possibly the most feared experience of any international traveler- what food will be served on the plane? In case you are planning such an international trip anytime soon, let me un-confirm your fears- airplane food is fine. Not excellent, not "good", I prefer to say "fine". There. I've answered your question. Okay...keep on checking the blog to see the next stage of my trip...*suspense filled music plays in the background* Unfortunately I can already here the American Idol song playing downstairs...

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